Book Launch: Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW

Jul 4, 2016




Gerda Govine Ituarte uses words like a painter employs a brush—with a strong definitive stroke heavy with paint, revealing grooves and ridges, depth and texture, or a flick of the wrist creating a wisp of an expression, a stipple light as air.

Gerda’s poetry paints pictures previously unimagined…

Mother Nature in pain.
Throws new red shiny stiletto heels across the sky.
—Excerpt from “Storm & Lakeside,” Alterations | Thread Light Through Eye of Storm

Gerda creates visceral reactions, evoking acute emotions…

Cold sweat fractures sleep
no place to lay burden down
racism stifles dreams
slights insults stick
alone inside rage rattles
—Excerpt from “The First” (2015).

And this deeply personal poem, tapping into her own painful experience, is one of our favorites, the imagery of mothers carrying their own water—literally and figuratively—says it all…

hear their whispers feel the curtain of words
I don’t know what to say     time heals all
trails behind like a tail     live through in
under and around the death of our children

Mothers who carry their own water
sometimes slip stumble     we are all proof
because our children tell us so in the timeless
place where dreams and memories breathe.
—Excerpt from “Mothers Who Carry Their Own Water” from Oh, Where Is My Candle Hat? by Gerda Govine (2013)





American poet, activist, and educator Nikki Giovanni has said Gerda’s poetry has “the eye for the real, wedded to the heart of a metaphor.”

Screenwriter, novelist, columnist, and teacher Odie Hawkins writes:

Her surgically poetic precision offers us a clear vision of her feelings, no half way stuff here, nothing trite, corny or simply written to satisfy sugar addicted buds, no cheap shots or dry beggin’ for instant approval. She is the real deal… 

Gerda’s third book of poetry has been released, this time by Swan World, which publishes works in English by French/Belgian publisher Éditions du Cygne.




Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW acknowledges the power of silence and reflection to heal the residue that blinds and binds us. Words carry the cadence, tone, feel and melody to weave stories that are enough to create an opening to get through the dark without disappearing – to smell the breath of morning. Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW gives a nod to the influences of transition that form gasps of enjoyment and a sense of freshness.
—Éditions du Cygne/Swan World



Hand cuffs   secure wrists
juvie camp   in woods
illusion of freedom
lush   succulent garden
officers on patrol
watch monitor   keep the peace
trip to doctor dentist
hand cuffs bracelets of the day
womanhood wanders
future opaque.

“Girls” by Gerda Govine Ituarte from Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW


Join Gerda on July 10 to celebrate—with drinks, music, cake, and poetry—the publication of Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW.


Gerda Govine Ituarte

Gerda Govine Ituarte


Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW Launch Party!
Sunday, July 10th, 3-7 p.m.
Location: 260 N. Mar Vista, Suite 2
Pasadena 91106
RSVP to 1.626.484.0740

Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW, as well as Oh, Where Is My Candle Hat? and Alterations | Thread Light Through Eye of Storm, may be purchased from Poetry Art Book  Station. Cost: $10-$15, plus CA sales tax. Complimentary shipping.

Artwork on all book covers, and top right, by Luis Ituarte.






Gorda Govine Ituarte is the Producer/MC of the upcoming Poetry Within Reach, lunch-time performances by eight diverse Pasadena-based poets in July and August 2016.

—On September 15, she will be reading with members of The Pasadena Writing Project at Avenue 50 Studio
—October 21, 2016 at the 4th Annual Author’s Fair at the Pasadena Main Library as part of  the City of Pasadena Art Night
—October 26, 2016 at Lit Crawl LA 2016 in North Hollywood Arts District with three Sister Poets

Gerda is the CEO of G. Govine Consulting a diversity and inclusion firm based in Pasadena,





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