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Karma & the Cottage, Part 3

Karma & the Cottage, Part 3
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To recount the series of events that lead to our buying this particular little, red bungalow in Pasadena, I have to go back almost 35 years. The youngest son of the owners at the time was about 16. His weakness for drinking beer and riding motorcycles fast met up one night with another driver’s habit of not looking for small flying objects before changing lanes.

Karma & the Cottage, Part 2

Karma & the Cottage, Part 2

Thirteen years ago, Sheryl and I moved into a little bungalow on a corner lot in north Pasadena. One of the more unusual features of the property was a large rusty bird pen constructed from 2 1/2″ steel pipe, lumber, tree limbs and heavy screen. The pipe frame roughly formed the outline of a cube, about 9′ in each direction, give or take.

Wood & Bones: The Chronicle of a Pasadena Cottage

Wood & Bones: The Chronicle of a Pasadena Cottage

Tonight we received a phone call from our Realtor, Jackie Watamura (the hardest working real-estate agent on the east side) with the news that the deed on our new house recorded. By “new house” what I mean to say is, “A 90-year-old cottage with a collapsing roof, severe water damage, uneven foundation, no electric or plumbing and busted-out window, which has become the de facto residence of most of the neighborhood’s feral cat population.” My wife, Sheryl, and I were, of course, ecstatic.


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