Wasn’t planning to write this week, but had to

Aug 14, 2013
I’ve been feeling unusual since last Saturday.  No health related issues, just dealing with an expired driver license. Typically my calendar is based on meetings, research, and whim.  I don’t want to get a ticket so I’ve not taken a chance on driving.   As a result I’ve felt tremendously limited – like a shut-in.
I have a spouse that works outside of the house, so if I wanted or needed to go some place I had to wait until he got home, unless I took public transport.  I have a travel rule of thumb – need to stay twice as long wherever I go as it took for me.  I had to skip a commitment at the Levitt Pavilion because I had no way to carry the things I needed.  
Not used to feeling so limited.  Don’t like it.  Have felt a low grumble in my gut since Saturday.  
Earliest appointment I could get was August 20th.  I’m going to deal with the crowds and go to the DMV this morning.  Should have my mobility back by noon.  Been driving since I was 15 so I feel as if getting a renewed license will feel like getting my freedom back.

Last Tuesday I had coffee with a friend who is considerably younger than I.  She earned her BA in Political Science from UCLA a couple of years ago.  She is bright, articulate, and funny.  She also has a bucket list.  On that list had been horseback riding, traveling in the state, and visiting Mexico.  She’s going through the list because she now has a driver license and a work permit.

No health issues; status issues.  She is a Dreamer; was brought here from Mexico when she was a child and has had to live in the shadows since her graduation from UCLA.  She used to take 3 hours each day via public transportation to get to work.  Took her less time when she was doing her other jobs of waiting at a Mexican Restaurant and cleaning houses.

Now, thanks to DACA*, her life has changed.  She is able to get around freely.  She has one job and is going through her bucket list.  She will be able to continue go out on small adventures, to earn more, and given who she is, to spend a bit more, too.  Seems like a good change thing to me.

See you later, I’m off to the DMV.

* Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals –

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