The writing is in the shed

Mar 24, 2017
Who knows where an idea starts?  Is it seeing a cool Tiny House in Portland?  A gorgeous mobile home in Carlsbad?  The playhouse at my Nina’s home in Highland Park? 
Whatever the source, in January I found myself seriously looking into a shed that would become a writing shed.
We ended up at SoCal Sheds because they had a lot of models visible from the freeway.  Sometimes the reason is location, location, location.  And so began the trail that sent us back to Menifee and the models by the freeway.
The up side – so many choices.  The down side – so many choices.  I felt a bit like Goldilocks.  

Too elaborate 

Too tall 

Too expensive  

And then, the right size and the right fit.
And then and then.  
A shed was built in our backyard.

Six feet by eight feet of space with doubled paned windows and a roof.

A shed with a view.

The primer is on.  
Let the writing begin.

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