Strengthening family and community

Mar 26, 2012
“We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the
ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens
this community and this nation”.
Cesar Chavez

That was the prompt for middle and high school students that was designed by PUSD’s Language Assessment and Development Department back in February of this year. The art and essays that were submitted as entries were breathtaking. 23 schools participated, 45 classrooms/teachers, there were more than 99 writing entries more than 81 art entries.

The judges for this effort came from all directions, if we were to list jobs/organizations the list would include, Flintridge Center, JPL systems engineer, PCC counselor, Pasadena City Council Field Rep, a counselor from Downtown Magnet School/LAUSD, Specialist Academic Intervention Program/LAUSD, Artist and Special Education Advocate, Programs and Outreach Coordinator/National Hispanic Media Coalition, Artistic Director and Founder, Danza Floricanto/USA. Oh, and a former PUSD board member and former field rep for Jack Scott – back in the day.

Given the range of their experiences it was great to have a rubric that they could use. The discussion were hearty, the impressions were deep.

Gema Sandoval of Danza Floricanto/USA – “Thank you for including me in such a beautiful endeavor. Inspiring!!”, Armando Duran, member of PCC’s Association of Latino Employees – “I truly enjoyed reading all the essays and admiring the student’s art work. I would love to meet them all in the future!”.

The winners and the entries will be acknowledged tomorrow night at the PUSD board meeting. If check out KLRN about 6:30 you’ll get to hear a couple of them read their winning work. I think you’ll be impressed, too.

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