Mar 20, 2014
Spring beckons.  
If we are lucky we find her

522ab8ecbc IMG 6031 Spring  photo
Indoors at Baby Showers,

522ab8ecbc IMG 6070 Spring  photo
Outside on our porch,

6ad3f2d0b9 IMG 6086 Spring  photo
Surrounded by the perfume of an acre full of wistaria

1dd86d420e IMG 6139 Spring  photo
Or in the color of the clothes worn

11b7736986 IMG 6145 Spring  photo
by vendors at the Wistaria Festival.

11b7736986 IMG 6150 Spring  photo
If we are ready, new beginnings also come in the form of four paws and a waggly tail.
d0951ae18c IMG 6162 Spring  photo
d0951ae18c IMG 6165 Spring  photo

Eulalia will soon be coming to our home.  
Thanks to the Pasadena Humane Society.

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