Special Dads

Jun 16, 2013
Happy Father’s Day!
Words can be funny.  Put a sentence together and it can have so many layers of meanings.
Most guys choose to be dads.
Most guys who are dads chose to fill that role.
Most guys who choose to be dads stay connected with their children.  
This is the day when we recognize and honor their choices.  We usually reflect on how well or not well they did relative to our ideals or dreams.
But there is a special group of dads who choose to fill that role but weren’t there at the beginning of the journey.  
The Foster Dads who care and nurture young people who may or may not stay with them for the rest of their lives.  In some cases they may live and love the child for only short amounts of time while the biological dad and mom are trying to straighten something out.  
There are the Dads who fall in love with women who have a child, and perhaps an ex-husband.  They love them in a way that is patient and powerful.
Some dear friends of mine met when her son was in his middle teen years.  He loved her, knew she was the one, but waited patiently, until the teen showed he was ready before they became a family.  He felt he had to be welcomed and wanted as a the young man’s father.
In my case, there was this handsome, sexy young man who fell in love with an older woman who had a child.  When we got married the three of us walked down the aisle together.  
This Father’s Day I remember those special dads.

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