Space shifting

Jun 10, 2014
The past few months have been spent on moving things from here to there in the house.  It’s time for James and me to use rooms that have been used as spaces of accumulation rather than spaces to live in.  So, aside from meetings and such or dates with family and friends, I’ve been hunkered down at home and focused on cleaning or organizing things.  
A couple of weeks ago I was busy priming and finishing painting in the front office.  Last week was focused on moving furniture from one room to the other.  The sort of thing that is an inelegant thing at best.  
This past week has been spent going through the “I’ll get around to filing them” bags.  The sort that hold everything from telephone numbers needed for the Parade & jamaica to canceled checks to nifty frames for already bent photos to glass cases to cards I meant to send.
I think I’m within a days work of calling the front office, my office, open for business.  Then I’ll be on to tackle James’ office.  

As usual Larry shares his typical support for the work at hand.

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7f190cf718 IMG 6532 Space shifting  photo
7f190cf718 IMG 6531 Space shifting  photo

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