Sort of from a kind of enchanted afternoon in the producer’s office

Oct 1, 2013
I work long hours and most of the work is done on a volunteer basis.  In fact most folks with whom I regularly interact only know me from my volunteer work.  I’ve been fortunate to do so.
But I really have held paying jobs.  REALLY, I have.  
I’ve made mention of my working as a per diem consultant for anti-bias curriculum, as preschool teacher, as a teacher of Spanish as a Second Language, and a couple of other jobs.  
Lots and lots of teaching – including curating and some of my writing.  
Most unique job I ever had was as the Office Manager for the 1997 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.  The getting of the gig was as unexpected as the gig itself.  
Dan Guerrero, son of legendary musical icon, Lalo Guerrero, had seen and exhibit I’d done of his dad’s life.  Very guirella, very low budget, very well received – most importatntly by both Lalo and Dan.  
Phone call a couple of months later – would I like the job?  Yes. ( I had just quit my sort of full time work, the money would be most welcomed).  Could I start in a couple of weeks?  Yes.  
Went to Dan’s office – slightly larger than a confessional – on the KTLA lot.  Learned a lot.  Sweated and held my breath the first couple of times I sent a fax because I’d never done that before – Dan didn’t know this. I didn’t know what faxing was.   
Had nightmares that I’d be fired because I’d never worked in an office.  Learned tons and tons about production work.  And how valuable “big hair” can be.  Still haven’t got the big hair thing.  Best I can do is short hair.
Dan and I shared that intense friendship that is built on coffee, long hours and sometimes snippy exchanges.  Both enjoying the work and both ready to smile, well, because there’s a lot of life that merits a smile.  Friendship is certainly on the list of smile-worthy…
So glad he’ll be our Honorary Grand Marshal for this year’s Parade.  

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