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Nov 6, 2017

Not sure why this post has a funky background.  Apologies. I’ll see if I can fix it.

I miss writing this blog and plan to return to it in the new year. 

A lot of my time this past year has bee spent with friends and family members who are dealing with the great issues connected with life and death and work and house. If the year were a notebook it would have tabs that read: James/surgery, start up TV show, shed, kitchen, M & M wedding, dyed hair, La Pintoresca research, Kate and girls, jury duty, survive the heat, La Plaza de Cultura y Arte, Pasadea Latino Coalition, travels, times with James, acting, and playwriting.

The last items were the ones that were sort of the most consistent. As a result I was in a short film that can be seen on youtube.  I’ve been taking an Acting in Commercials class with Buddy Powell for a while now. I began to take the class because I wanted a respite; a time when my major requirement was to be present and to learn.  

Over that last couple of years I’ve been a part of two films. One, “Tienes Hambre?” is on youtube and the other, “The Winning Ticket”, I hope to have access to in the next month. Here’s a link to the movie written by Cassie Rubio.  It was joy to act with Brenda Salas.

I loved working with all of the young mujeres of the Nuevas Novelas program;  This is a program of the Justice for My Sister Collective –  Justice for My Sister Collective

I also have written one tiny playlet and a one-act play, as well as the beginnings of two other plays. The first two are based on incidents that I’ve experienced or a story that I was told that had an interaction that served as a starting point for telling a story.  

Play Three is a fantasy – pan dulce is involved.  

Play Four includes a focus on pochismo, pochisma, or I guess pochismx. What it might be called is part the story, too.

In trying to put last week away in the mental file, here are some pics that were taking over the last week. I know, sort of random, but there you go. Sometimes life can be pretty random.

LA City Hall, still true blue, despite a World Series loss

Dorothy Chandler – Definitely high twinkle factor

Nabucco – way before we got to Va, pensiero

A must-see rest area on the 99

Fresno – If you know me a bit, you know I love coffee.  
If you know me really well, you know I have a passion for Dutch Bros.

Fresno, Oaxaca Restaurant

Fresno –  One of the stained glass windows in Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Colonel Allensworth

Margaret Prince was from Pasadena.
 Sunset in Allensworth State Park, before the long ride home last night.

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