Preparing for the parade

May 8, 2012
On occasion I need to remind myself that I go to a lot of meetings.  Or more to the point, that there are lots of folks who don’t go to meetings on a regular basis – sometimes it’s hard to remember what the norm might be.  It’s a little like my being short – I know this as a fact, but forget to remember this fact. 
 Preparing for the parade  photo
The good folks here humored me as I took pictures of them working on a timeline for the 14th Annual Latino Heritage parade & jamaica.  And as our meeting was in progress.
 I think most folks have been to meetings where there is a lot of talk and not too much outcome. Not so for those of us who work on the parade & jamaica.  There are hours put in and the results are a day of arts, cultures, heritage and history.  Community designed and community driven.  
 Preparing for the parade  photo

Please join us at our next meeting at Madison Elementary library on Tuesday, May 15th.  We’ll meet from 5:30 to 6:30.  The link below will take you to the Latino Heritage blog  – it has the most up to date information re: parade & jamaica planning.  And a handy dandy map to let you know where we’ll be.

 Preparing for the parade  photo
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