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Mar 5, 2012

I love my home in Pasadena. Cute little bungalow that it is, but today James and I went on a micro vacation and spent part of our afternoon in Claremont and Covina.  Local R & R  photoWe stopped at Stamp Your Heart Out, Some Crust Bakery, and at Claremont’s Farmers Market. There were a couple of surprises at the Farmer’s Market. It wasn’t the good food or lovely handmade wares that were a part of the market.

It was the fact that there in the market was a stand/canopy with information on the city itself. When I asked the rather nice man whether this was supported by the Chamber or by Planning and Development – he replied Council. In fact, as it turns out, he is one of Claremont’s Council members. Turns out once a month they take hour long shifts at the market. A little bit of meet and greet on the second Sunday of the month.
In passing I mentioned that we were from Pasadena. He quickly shared that we were really lucky to have Mercy Santoro working for us. I agreed wholeheartedly. And we all laughed as he theatrically shook his fist at Pasadena for getting “one of the good ones”.
Then James and I walked on around the Village. All of these plants were real, but along other parking areas the turf was artificial grass.
 Local R & R  photoHmmm…another good idea, especially in areas where there was a lot of sun and no shade.
Before we hopped in the car to get to Ikea (Covina) we stopped at The Grove. They had a lot of retro furnishings. Antiques like record players, woven tapestries with owl designs, and rotary telephones.
 Local R & R  photoWe saw this gorgeous table outside the main shop. Another hmmm…We’d been thinking about re-doing our picnic table. I took a bite of my oatmeal raisin cookie and considered the possibilities.
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