It is at this point

Oct 16, 2013
I love history.  There, I’ve said it.  As if you didn’t know.
Only days before the 2013 Latino Heritage Parade & jamaica.  
In my most logical parts of my mind I’m focused on how to share a fuller, different historical picture.
So that this map of 1930 Pasadena is re-seen through a different filter… 
cb0ec478de Pasadena1930 It is at this point  photo

and becomes this.
Elder Dave Ruiz shared that is where, “mostly Mexicans lived”. 
cb0ec478de Barrios1930closeup 1 It is at this point  photo
Another reality is that there is always tons to do before Parade & jamaica day.  
Things pop up, even with the 50-100 volunteers that make the event possible.
So the following is never far from my heart.  

cb0ec478de Quick no time to explain  grab a donkey It is at this point  photo
So thankful for all who have helped us make the magic happen for the last 15 years.
Not sure where to give attribution for all the images, but I lay no claim to them.

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