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In practice, not theory

May 28, 2013
Sheds are supposed to be all about practical matters.  Things lined up, just so.  My neighbor up the street has a meticulously, shoot, I’d say a beautifully organized shed.  It is joy to see the order.  She says it helps her feel more centered.  I can understand that.  I could wish to achieve that.  I know that I will never reach that goal.
In my most honest moments, I have to admit that I’d also like to have a shed that was boldly expressive.  Being expressive means one need not be neat.  I love neat, but seem to be missing the neat gene.
  This was a shed I saw when visiting some friends.
 In practice, not theory  photo
 Now this…this, can serve as a model of what I might accomplish without going mad.  

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