How can it almost be summer?

Jun 1, 2017

Having dinner a week ago, we were asked, “What you been doing?”  There was a bit of silence as we thought.  In my head bounced a variety of half-formed thoughts.

Mentally regrouping after the wedding.  Keeping up with the groups that are doing work that can use my help.  Trying to keep sane by both keeping aware and keeping an emotional distance from  the news of the world.  Being reminded that I flourish in a creative setting and feel overwhelmed by our world being such chaos.  
I’ve spent time as the balancing spouse when James’ work needed his full attention.  Be that while he worked at the dining room table or was in Huntsville in meetings.  James takes has taken his turn at being balancing spouse before and I’m sure he will again, but it seems that at this moment it’s my turn.
There’s also been time dedicated to friends and family.  Most of it has been time where we’ve laughed, but some of the times have been spent in shared consolation.

I’ve also spent time enjoying the sunrise in isolation.

Casa Martinez has had its share of time.  What a joy that has been.  How lucky to I am to get a chance to interview people.  To work with different crews that help do that job.  It’s been sweet to work with friends and to make sure that what is produced will be viewer worthy.
I’ve also enjoyed taking acting classes with Buddy Powell.  For two hours every week I get to focus on what is immediately in front of me.  In my head I liken it to hiking.  It’s all about the moment; made that much better for the companions on the journey.
I’ve also gone back to writing.  There are a couple of things that I have been hoping to write about and it’s changing from hope to print.  
Thanks to a push from a friend, I’ve returned to do research at the Huntington Library.   There is five linear feet of uncatalogued material with the Bandini name on it.  Don’t know what will come of the exploring and sharing but am feeling that the time is right to delve away.
My summer white shirt confused the camera; exposure set for shirt and not face.  Ni modo.  Being at the Huntington makes me happy.  
“What you been doing”?

My answer, “this and that”, because if I’d said more it would have been too little and too much. 

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