Grand, just grand.

May 12, 2012
There’s a lot of good work that takes place in any town.  People are willing to help each other and often are more than willing to help those who travel in very different circles.  Talents are shared, volunteer hours accrue, and in Pasadena, houses are made ready.  
Last week I was volunteering my time and energy prepping for AIDS Service Center – BIG WEEK OUT Gala Reception.  I love to donate talent and time to this organization because of the work that it does and because their events are always is so much fun!  Their last event will take place tomorrow.
While taking a break I came to converse, or as my buddy Gary calls it – had a good chin wag, with this fellow.  We were at the Robinson House – a classic Greene and Greene gem.  We talked about some of the history near the Ninth Circuit Court and the areas deep Pasadena roots.  The home of the first folks to come from the midwest; folks with last names like Berry, Elliott, Graham, Clapp and so on.  It also happens to be the area where Arturo Bandini, son of Secretary of State to Pio Pico, and Helen Elliott, founder Elliott’s daughter were married.
We chatted away while he went on with his work.
It was in the course of conversation he shared that this was his home.  He and his wife had a passion for gardens and thoroughly enjoyed the history of their home and of the area.  You can see some of their vision and a teeny bit of their work in the top picture.  It was hard to choose a picture to choose for this piece.  Everywhere I shot was beautiful. Really, every direction.  And so much xeriscaping.  It was a challenge to choose one shot.

What was most challenging to capture was the vista from the arroyo side of their home.  I kept trying but try as I might I could only get a bit at a time.  And all pictures gave a sense of space, but not of the flow of the landscaping or the feeling of serenity that wafted all about.

As I was getting ready to write this post I was trying to think of some clever way of connecting the expanse of the vista with the generosity of our host.  Couldn’t do it without having it feel very artificial. Doing that wouldn’t really recognize that this was a person with a beautiful home, who saw a way to help others, and was willing to add his own sweat equity in the deal.  
How grand is that?

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