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Jun 3, 2012

My mini sabbatical had several different parts to it: I’ll be writing more about it at some point.  One of the parts was focused on the scholarly part of my life.  Like McCoy in Star Trek, I often want to say something to the effect of…”Jim, I’m a historian, not an organizer”.  I’m happier at being a musician than being an advocate, but there you go.  We’re all lucky with the roles we fill in the work to be done.

Coming up on my 60th birthday I have decided to “take the bull by the horns” whenever it seems appropropriate or feels right.  Not that I’ve been parrticularly reticent about expressing how I feel, more a matter of placing my desires at the same level as the desires of others.

So, although I was supposed to leave Tuesday morning, I did a couple of things for me before I left town. The most important thing was dropping off my Application to be a Reader at the Huntington Library.

This is something that I’ve meant to do for some time now.  Feel really fortunate that I had letters of recommendation from Dr. Robert Winter and Edward R. Bosley.  In fact, these kind fellows had written letters of support in 2009.  I know, I know.  They should have been used, but things – other folks things, kept getting placed in front of my taking/sending the letter and my app to the Huntington.

Good news is app was delivered, I am approved, and only need to show a government issued photo i.d. to finish registration.  Boy, am I glad I drive a car.  The DMV photo isn’t great, but just the ticket.

Equally important to me is trying to spend as much time as possible with our familia.  The distance between here and Portland has helped boost this desire.  Getting hugs like the one below becomes sweeter because it is infrequent.  

It seems the solution we’ve found as a family is to have at least one camping trip per year.  This year we were at Jedediah Smith State Park, just a bit of a drive from Crescent City, CA.

Sharing a button commemorating the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary was a way re-bonding after some months apart.

Sharing the joys of exploring the Redwoods will be a means for sharing memories of being together.

Two very different parts to life – both so satisfying in their own way.

Photos – James Grimes

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