Chuy Prius (2005-2017)

Apr 1, 2017

Last Friday we donated our 2005 Prius to KPCC.  He was 12 years old and had 172, 172 miles when he quit working.  James and I miss him already; for all the memories we were able to make while we drove him.  
Poem for a Prius: or I’ve Never Owned a Car Without a Name
Brunhilde was first. 
Round, red Beetle, respite for poets and singers
Lars was the Volvo who followed;
Square of back and old of brake
Balloo was blue and big
Enough to carry babyseats and Girl Scouts
PT, the Red sporty Cruiser
Would have made my dad smile
And then came Chuy Prius
An inside joke in honor of a musician
He held a lot
Full voiced singing between here and Portland, OR
A howl that still reverberates on the plains of Wyoming
Snores galore when he acted as our sleep room
And so many memories
Driving through Dunsmuir
The Source; a means to spend time with our Northern Familia

The Mileage Enhancer; San Diego slid to the road trip column

Long trips, where he was our Morning Greeter
Secure Site, when bisons were among us
 Surprisingly volumatic when need – to help friends to trick out their homes
Travel times with James, when and I could talk for miles 
About the near, the dear, and the silly;
Things that keep our love vibrant.
Thanks for the memories, Chuy.

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