A Round To It

Feb 24, 2014
I’m used to being out of the house a lot.  Meetings, events, talking, research = out a lot.
Folks are used to seeing me here and there.  So it’s been interesting the past few months to be less present out side of the house and more present at the house.  

For 15 years I have been meaning to get to a lot of small things around the house, that have added up to a lot of “I meant to do it chores”.  So these past few months James and I have been doing things that keep us at home a lot of the time.  Last week we painted our bedroom, changed our light fixture and cleaned the screens and windows.

For about 8 years we lived with a kitchen toolbar that was too low.  Last week James moved the bar, got rid of the mollies, sanded and then I painted.  Tools are up and now we have more counter space.
I’ve also been trying to have us eat a bit healthier.  Cleaning out the pantry, growing onions in our garden, and making time to cook at home is another small thing that we’ve been meaning to do.
photo – James Grimes
Al fin – finally – we’re doing what we’ve been meaning to do.

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