A Day of Light Bliss and Cheap Thrills

Oct 29, 2013
I’ve often told James that he’s a lucky man because I’m such a cheap date.  
Not self-deprecating – just calling it as it is.  Sometimes it takes so little to give me a thrill.
Case in hand – I made the last golf cart shuttle to the far parking lot at Brookside after spending the day with students and staff while I was Principal For A Day in the PUSD.  
And I have my new purse, that I got for a song.
And I spent time with Rita Exposito, principal at Jackson Elementar. 
And I had a great time at Jackson Elementary School.
And I have some grand artwork by a student for my office wall.  I’ll share that another day.  
And I got to ride in the golf cart.
A little moment of bliss.
Photo by Angela Parris
Note to self – Car is not a refrigerator.  Do not leave delightfully creamy mushroom sauce, from the  German restaurant Brummis, in the car and think that it will be okay to eat a day later.  
It won’t.  You will wish you hadn’t.
Lucky you recover quickly.

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