A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Feb 14, 2012
My mom and dad planted roses at our house. We had a driveway that had fruit trees and roses from the beginning to the end of our portion of the lot. My mom preferred living plants, but on occasion my dad would cut roses and bring them inside.
James and I enjoy the best of both worlds. We usually have a couple of vases of cut flowers in our house. Astromeria, stock, or sunflower are always welcome and add a sweet bit of color.
Outside, we enjoy the gifts that we’ve gotten for each other. We bought this manzanita a couple of years ago and the flowers show how it is thriving.

We bought this lovely plant and I promptly lost its tag, but it doesn’t seem to mind. So much for formality – it is lovely, fits well in the pot, and the branches are a bit prickly.

This succulent reminded of a rose, so I bought it for James for V’Day. It requires little water which makes him happy and requires little care which makes me happy to pot it.
I am hoping that you enjoy Valentine’s Day in a way that is meaningful and unique to you and your loved ones, be they four legged, two legged, or no legged at all.

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