72 days ago

Jan 7, 2016

Time, time, time.  So much has been happening that I haven’t had time to write.   There is the whole Idea of living in the moment.  Well, that’s what life has been about for me.

It’s also been about continuing to more deeply clean the house.  I’ve now reached a point where I’ve begun to clean out – imagine spooky music – the closets.

That’s a part of the reason I haven’t written.

Another part is this thing called “trigger finger”.  Long story short – the tendon(s) of a finger become inflamed and then it/they has trouble going through a sheath that generally keeps the tendon in place.  Complex things our bodies.  It seems no one quite knows exactly why the inflammation takes place.  Genetics, repetitive use, stress, and age seem to be common factors.

Anywho, the thumbs gets sort of stuck and then bloop  – it’s back in position.  Not a lot of pain, but there was a total loss of midrange control.  Makes it really hard to type.

I tried a couple of home remedies while I waited to get to Occupational Therapy.  
The picture below was supposed to be of my wacky hair displaying its own sense of fashion, but as I look at the image I note mostly the band-aid on the finger cut by my new knife and the flexi-bandage I was using.  

It’s not really painful nor debilitating, but it does slow one down.  Well, it slowed me down.  Enough so that most years before Christmas look like this – 

By contrast this was what this holiday season was a hearty mix of passive entertainment – as far as my thumb was concerned.

On the other hand…it didn’t slow down the partying
or taking time with Las Nietas
or putting up the Christmas tree for Larry

who was rather blasé about the whole thing.

He didn’t care about any research done regarding trigger finger, I guess he prefers novels.

And now after visiting the OT I have new fashion statements to wear that assist me 
in my tippy typing.  
Turns out keeping one of the two joints still, allows use without triggering the joint bloop.
Happy New Year! 

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