2225.Day Six, Day Seven, Day Eight

Mar 9, 2015
Powell’s City of Books, first thing in the morning.  What a joy.  


A department store’s worth of books – new, used, English, Russian, picture books, antiquarian’s delights.  For those haven’t been,  imagine Vroman’s on steroids – in the best way.  

Courtesy –

Directory and maps needed and supplied.  
They are comfy enough with marketing to have a small section dedicated to Portlandia.  

They have an espresso machine, too.  Different focus than most.
Lunch in the Mississippi section of Portland at Por Qué No?
Semi-tearful goodbyes and then on to Weed, CA, Mt. Shasta, and the Hi-Lo Motel and RV Park.
Next night – Los Padres Inn, San Luis Obispo.

The mariachis down the street wished us well as went to 

Las Pilitas Nursery in Santa Margarita.

Home to sunny Southern California.

Images, unless otherwise noted, are by James M. Grimes and Roberta H. Martínez
 Powell’s City of Books
Por Que No?
The Hi-Lo Motel and RV Park
Las Pilitas Nursery
Los Padres Inn

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